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Investment Management

Investment management services are offered through an affiliated company, CM Financial Advisors, LLC, which is a Registered Investment Advisor. We are a "fee only" advisor, which means our compensation is based on an agreed upon fee, usually a percentage of the investment portfolio. Therefore, we are completely independent with regard to investment choices. We select investments that are appropriate for you, with the primary focus of helping you to achieve your goals. Services we offer include:

  • Recommend appropriate investment strategy based on your goals and objectives taking into account your risk tolerance and time horizon

  • Manage your investment portfolio

  • Monitor your investment portfolio for performance

  • Provide timely reports on performance and/or changes in investment recommendations

Types of Investment Portfolios We manage 
  • Retirement accounts

  • Rollovers from company retirement plans (401k, 403b)

  • Retirement plans for small businesses (SEP, SIMPLE, 401k)

  • College savings accounts

  • Non-retirement accounts

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