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Buying your first home?

Refinancing an existing mortgage?

Considering a second home or investment property?

CM Mortgage Services, an affiliated mortgage origination firm, can assist you through the often harrowing financing process and offer some innovative mortgage solutions.

A low rate is certainly an important consideration when seeking a mortgage, but it’s not the only consideration. Rates fluctuate over time, so locking in the best rate is a matter of timing and the unpredictability of the economy. But even before rate is an issue, we can help you predetermine your eligibility for a mortgage, the level of investment that is appropriate for your income and a mortgage term that fits your projected property use.

We’ll lay out the pluses and minuses of fixed versus variable rate mortgages. And that’s just for starters. We’ll check your credit rating and work with you to correct any conditions that might prejudice your acceptance or increase your interest rate. We’ll even take your application—and if you’re an existing client we can complete a significant portion of the application from confidential financial information we already have on file! That saves you time and work and gets the processing moving quickly.

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